Who do you think your heart's greatest friend is?

It's you.

Your friends may be great people and support you, but aren't yourself, without a doubt your best ally?
Look, everything you've done and everything you've though... is there anyone else but you who knows that?
The good.
The bad.
The ugly side of yourself that you never show.
Excuses and secrets...you can't betray yourself.
If your friends were down and blaming themselves, what would you do?
I'd... cheer them on?
So then, just like you would cheer on a friend, don't you think it would be good, even if it's just inside your heart, to be kind to yourself?
Since you're the only one who fully understands yourself, can't you tell yourself the words you most want to hear?


Hay algo

Que me falta.

Me duele todo lo que no soy.

"¿Y por qué no vivís?", alguien preguntó.

Por qué, indeed.
¿Por qué me hago esto?


Let's face it

Me gustan las historias de amor.

Me gusta sentir ese thrill.

Ese thrill... Me vuelve loca.
Me da energía. Me da alegría.
A veces hasta me da tristeza.
Pero más que nada, me hace sentir viva.